Netizen Exposes A Reason Why Popular Idols Such As IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Seem To Receive So Much Hate Online

It’s no simple job being an idol. It’s a must to undergo tedious schedules underneath harsh diets, however you additionally don’t have any forgo privateness and time with family and friends. It additionally takes a toll in your psychological stability, particularly when you find yourself on the receiving finish of mindless hate. Whereas some companies make an effort to sue such on-line trolls, others can solely let issues slide. On-line hate is very focused towards rising and well-liked idols. One such instance of an idol on the receiving finish of huge quantities of hate every day is IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung.

Having debuted at an early age, she riled up the envy of many different youngsters and even adults alike. Whereas her life could seem blessed to the general public with limitless luxurious items, a gentle earnings, and a jet-setting way of life, Wonyoung is without doubt one of the present idols who are suffering essentially the most criticism and hate. Again in 2019, she was primarily hated for an expression caught in a video circulated on-line as a gif.

Gif of Wonyoung that was circulated on-line. | Off The Report

Though it was claimed she had a behavior of rolling her eyes from the dry contact lenses, netizens didn’t purchase it.

  • “You’ll be able to simply inform how she is on the common by seeing how she will placed on such expressions in entrance of the digicam as quickly as she debuts.”
  • “I’m shocked that kind of expression can come from a 2nd grader in center college.”
  • “It’s true about Jang Wonyoung’s college violence. LOL People who say it’s rumors are the identical as those who imagine that the stuff about Lee Chaeyoung, Kim Sohye, and Search engine optimisation Jisoo are rumors too.”
  • “Looks like she will’t disguise it as a result of she’s nonetheless younger.”
  • “They are saying it’s due to her dry contact lens, however why are her lip corners like that? Her expression can be tremendous rotten.”

Not too long ago, a netizen uncovered why she had been receiving a lot hate on-line. Whereas some could certainly organically come from those that maintain vengeance in the direction of her, some could also be the results of part-timers. Somebody had been hiring part-timers to add hate feedback concerning the poor woman.

Netzien aeSooman exposes a hater for trying to rent part-timers. | aeSooman/YouTube

The commercial learn as the next.

I’m in search of somebody who will write feedback with me from right this moment on in Jang Wonyoung movies on YouTube to complain about her expressions. I gives you ₩50 KRW (about $0.04 USD) for brief feedback and ₩100 KRW (about $0.08 USD) for lengthy ones. I hope many individuals apply. For instance, lengthy feedback will likely be like: She seems to be like somebody that does medication in a membership; why is a younger child like that? Purposefully making horny expressions sigh…it’s too detrimental to younger children.”

— Commercial to rent part-timers for hate feedback

After it was delivered to gentle, many netizens expressed their concern for Wonyoung and condemned the hater.

Netizens condemned the hater. | Nate Pann

  • “It’s disgusting how they’re even going to make use of the cash to place up hate feedback a couple of minor.”
  • “Why are they doing that, for actual? They must be punished really.”
  • “Can they even perform in society…?”
  • “Giving somebody ₩100 KRW (about $0.08 USD) to criticize another person. LOL, Do they wish to hate on somebody however not have cash? These haters have to obtain monetary therapy.”
  • “Please attempt to do this to celebrities who drink-drive or stuff like that as a substitute, tsk.”

This phenomenon of utilizing part-timers to write down hate feedback will not be unusual in South Korea. Half-timers can be utilized for jobs resembling streaming music or music movies. Hopefully, leisure firms will take it as a cue to supply higher welfare and care for his or her artists and take cost of authorized proceedings.

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