Exclusive Interview with Dre’jhean, Musical Artist and Producer

Dre’jhean is an artist and producer residing in Atlanta, Georgia. The American-Jamaican rapper’s genre can best be described as an alternative version of Hip- Hop/R&B fused with pop and sprinkled with dancehall to reflect his roots. This is a style that he has made uniquely his own. With a wealth of music experience, Dre’jhean plans to unleash his creative capabilities through creating his own music. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, an island where music plays a significant role in the Jamaican Culture, he began his music career as a songwriter for other artists, then later got into management, bookings and producing. Jamaica is a beautiful island with an inspiring culture, but it can be dangerous and opportunities are limited, so Dre’jhean relocated to America. Inspired by greats such as Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Tpain, Vybz Kartel and Akon, the talented all-rounder, knew it was time to challenge himself; making music had become a huge part of his life, and he now knew it was time to take the next step — making music. Confident and motivated, he set about developing his style. After years of working in the industry for others, it’s now time for Dre’jhean to shine the light on himself.

• When did your love for music begin? From an early age, did you know that this is the industry that you wanted to go into?

I found that I fell in love with music from a early age, I started sampling different aspect of the entertainment industry from doing a magazine called Street Mag then I went into writing songs, novels and movie script, then making beats and producing songs. I soon after went into artist management and bookings agent. I knew this was the industry I wanted to get into the entertainment industry from an early age. I am very passionate about entertainment, I love putting smiles on the faces of those I come in contact with. I felt that I have gained much experience in the industry so far except as an artist now I shine the light on my self as an artist.

• Can you tell me more about that experience?

My experience ranges from bookings for many known Jamaican artist to writing and producing songs.

• What would you say makes for an engaging music story that you know an audience is going to connect to?

I’m tired of managing these artists, these days their focus is all over the place. From acting as if they are gangsters, pretending to be rich off management’s money and focusing on women instead of getting their career together. They act as if their focus can not be finding hits and getting their name out there. So now I will show them how it’s done. From manager to the artist, a lot of these artist don’t even know how to be humble and keep their name actively out there after they get a one hit, they waste their money on cars jewelry and women then complain about managers and record labels not doing anything for them. Why not invest in yourself and keep your brand in everyone’s eyes

• After your many years of success in the music industry, do you have a key tip or takeaway that you might offer to those of us at an early stage in our careers?

Be serious about what you are doing, want it, and go get it. Don’t get distracted on your way to the top. You’re the key to your success no one else but you can assure that you’re successful in this. Learn the industry learn every position and actively play a role doing them

• Your favorite person? Your favorite quote?  About your achievements, Your next goal, Dream, etc?

My favorite person is my mom, I live on this quote you try something one hundred times it didn’t work, doesn’t mean you will never achieve what you set out to just means you now know the one hundred ways it won’t work and you

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