Caught on Vid: Hero Runs Toward Fiery, Overturned Car and Smashes Window Just in Time to Save Woman’s Life


A Florida man is being hailed a hero after he saw a burning vehicle and ran toward it, risking his own life to save the woman trapped inside.

Daniel Boscaccy, 28, is rebuffing claims he’s a hero but footage of the potentially deadly scenario shows just how dire the situation would have been if he chose not to take action.

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Boscaccy was driving home Saturday morning on Interstate 95 in Miami when he saw the burning car in a ditch. With no first responders on the scene and with no one else taking action, he pulled over to help.

“I saw a bunch of cars swerving and that kind of thing going on, and shortly after seeing all those cars swerving, I looked over, and I saw the woman’s car on fire and upside down,” Boscaccy told WSVN-TV. “The car was burning, and I just wanted to see if somebody was inside.”

As he approached, he heard a woman screaming for help and trying to break a window. Boscaccy immediately headed back to his car to look for tools to smash a window.

Someone had a sledgehammer, which he immediately used to break the glass and drag the victim to safety. He and another man poured water on the victim to help cool her down before rescue workers took her to the hospital.

The entire rescue was captured on video, and the footage has been leading to praise for Boscaccy.

“I’m so thankful that nobody died. Like, people keep wanting to say ‘hero.’ I don’t necessarily feel very good with that,” he told WSVN-TV. “The heroes are the people that do this every day.”

He encouraged others to help as well if and when faced with similar circumstances.

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