Abortion Activists Strike Coast to Coast with Threats and Violence, Use Profs’ Target Map to Find Pro-Life Clinics

Abortion extremists struck across the country over the weekend, lashing out at pro-life centers, lawmakers, and police officers in the latest spate of vandalism and threats.

The attacks ranged from Virginia to California, including other states like Oregon and Colorado.

The extremists are apparently even using a target map that was created by several professors to help them hunt down pro-life clinics. The professors’ “Crisis Pregnancy Center Map” shows the exact street addresses of pro-life clinics around the country, allowing users to identify the closest clinics to them, according to Fox News.

The map was created by two professors at the University of Georgia in 2018, according to the website. 

“CPC Map identifies crisis pregnancy centers (also known as ‘fake women’s health centers’) in your area. CPCs primarily aim to prevent people from having abortions,” the website reads. 

The map is being shared by extremists using social media. 

CBN News has reached out to the University of Georgia for comment on the map that can be used to pinpoint pro-life targets. We’ll post it here if we hear back. 

So far, dozens of pro-life institutions have been hit by arson and vandalism.

Vandals Strike Center in Colorado

A fire at a north-central Colorado Christian pregnancy center Saturday morning is being investigated as arson, according to Longmont Police. The fire at the Life Choices clinic was reported at 3:17 am Saturday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and its evidence response team are also assisting with the investigation. 

The building sustained fire and heavy smoke damage, police said. 

In addition to the suspected arson, the vandals also spray-painted black paint on the outside walls with graffiti including a threat.  

“If abortion aren’t safe, neither are you,” the message read. That’s the same graffiti being used by a loosely organized domestic extremist group called Jane’s Revenge which has declared that it sees the fight for abortion as a literal “war.”

Windows Smashed at Pregnancy Center in Virginia

Meanwhile, in Lynchburg, Virginia, police are investigating reported vandalism against the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center that took place on Saturday. 

Many windows in the building were broken and the walls of the building had been spray-painted with graffiti. 

Police said four masked individuals were seen on security camera footage early Saturday morning committing the acts, according to WVEC-TV. 

Gov. Glenn Youngkin responded to the report of the vandalism at the center, tweeting: “There is no room for this in Virginia, breaking the law is unacceptable. This is not how we find common ground. Virginia State Police stands ready to support local law enforcement as they investigate.” 

Graffiti spray-painted in red paint outside of the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, Va. (Photo credit: Lynchburg Police Department/Facebook)

Vermont State House Vandalized Early Saturday

Vandals smashed seven windows across the front of the Vermont State House early Saturday morning and spraypainted graffiti in black at its front entrance, according to the State of Vermont Capitol Police Department. 

The Montpelier Police Department posted a photo on Facebook showing the message painted on the concrete walkway. 

“If abortions aren’t safe you’re not either,” the message read. 

The damage is estimated in excess of $25,000, police added. 

Oregon Sees Vandalism Over Two Nights, 10 Arrested in Eugene

A large group of rioters in downtown Portland, Oregon broke the windows of several businesses and spray-painted graffiti on several buildings Saturday night. 

A group of around 100 people yelled and chanted as they marched down the streets and would periodically stop to destroy, and graffiti objects, according to Fox News. 

Portland Police explained in a statement they didn’t have enough resources to intercede. 

“Officers are working to contact affected business owners and assist with arrangements to secure the buildings. Efforts are already underway to get graffiti removed,” the statement read. “Individuals who engage in violent activity or property destruction will be investigated and are subject to arrest and prosecution. That does not always happen in the moment. We will continue to conduct follow-up investigations, make arrests, and forward cases to the Moltnomah County District Attorney for prosecution.” 

It was the second night of violence in “The City of Roses” after demonstrators also gathered Friday night following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision striking down Roe v. Wade. 

Also on Friday, a protest outside of a Eugene, Oregon, pregnancy center resulted in 10 arrests after the demonstration grew violent. 

Eugene Police said the crowd of roughly 75 people, started moving toward the building. This led to officers surrounding the building with their vehicles.

“The crowd continued to grow and began blocking E. 11th Avenue by standing in the roadway,” a police statement said. “Some people were observed picking up rocks and several began putting on gas masks. One female had a chemical pump sprayer and she was pumping it up. Additional EPD Patrol resources were called in.”

After calling for the crowd to disperse, police said several rioters started throwing smoke bombs and water bottles at the officers. 

“After the first arrest, the crowd became extremely loud and verbally hostile toward the officers and tried to get through the line,” the statement continued. “Police provided more admonishments and arrests were made, with people fighting with officers and not complying with lawful orders, leading to inert pepper balls (pepper balls with no chemical munitions) being deployed in a few cases at people’s feet and legs. At that point, the crowd size decreased.”

Police said some officers suffered minor injuries during the standoff which lasted five hours. Nine people were arrested for disorderly conduct. One person was arrested for harassment, according to a City of Eugene press release. 

LAPD Arrests Suspect for Attempted Murder of Officer Using Homemade Flamethrower

Also on Friday night, a California man was arrested and could be charged with attempted murder after he allegedly attacked a police officer with a “makeshift flamethrower” during a protest over the Roe decision. 

KTLA reports the Los Angeles Police Department said 30-year-old Michael Ortiz attacked the officer with a torch, sending the officer to the hospital with burn injuries.

Most of the demonstrations were peaceful, but a small group of protesters clashed with police in the downtown area, throwing bottles, rocks, and fireworks at officers. 

Ortiz was booked into jail, the LAPD said. His bail has been set at $1 million, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department inmate roster.

“I condemn the violence against officers that occurred last night and into today. Individuals participating in such criminal activity are not exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest of the Supreme Court decision, rather, they are acting as criminals,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said. 

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